About Us

Welcome to Apex Numismatics!

Founded in 2015, our mission at Apex Numismatics is to offer quality coins at a competitive price. We are proud to both offer our services to hobbyists as a private dealership as well as an auction house. Apex Numismatics’ president Peter Zheng is a young numismatist with more than 8 years of experience handling rare coins and currency. Peter has also had experience working as a professional numismatist as the in-house numismatics expert at Toronto Gold & Silver. Since 2015, Apex Numismatics has handled many top tier coins and collections, and we are excited to continue working with the community!

Beyond commercial services, we also make it our mission to participate in education related to the field of numismatics. Initially drawn to coins as a result of a love for history, Peter now uses coins as a method of examination for historical and cultural study. Our website publishes many articles free of charge, examining the story and history behind particular coins we handle. Further, Apex Numismatics is a proud supporter of programs with coins in an academic setting, providing free examples and displays for study.