Sweden 1634 Gustav Adolphus AR Medal


in XF Condition

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At an impressive medallic weight of 5 ½ thalers (152.03g), this series of medals (also struck in lower weights)served to commemorate the return of the King’s body to Stockholm. Minted by Sebastian Dadler in Danzig in 1634, the obverse has the armored and crowned body of Gustavus lying on the battlefield of Lutzen, with the battle raging behind as the Swedes drive off the enemy. An angel accompanies them, bearing a sword with the inscription “Even they flee death”, with angels also carrying the king to heaven. Surrounding this scene are the Latin titles and honorifics of King Gustav. The reverse has a more active scene, with Gustavus wearing armor and holding a bible and a sword, in a chariot drawn by winged horses over the Hydra, a monster of Greek mythology. He is surrounded by the personification of Faith holding a bible and Courage holding a column, both crowning the king. There are also inscriptions on the reverse describing the heroic deeds of Gustavus, as well as the phrase “triumph in both life and death”. This large and impressive medal serves as a great primary document to the height of Swedish power and the reign of Gustavus Adolphus, a King who would play a pivotal role in shaping the religious and political make of Germany.

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