England 1708 Battle of Oudenarde AR Medal


In UNC Condition. Nice subtle toning

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The medal depicts the bond between Marlborough and Eugene, re-imagined as the Dioscuri. The obverse features a view of the battle of Oudenarde in front of the city walls, and the reverse depicts Castor and Pollux, legendary twin generals of Rome. The obverse inscription reads “EVGENII ET MARLEBORVGII FELIX CONIVNCTIO” (The joyous conjunction of Eugene and Marlborough), referencing again their friendship. The reverse contains a brief description of the battle: “MVLT MILL GALORVM CLADES AD ALDENAR MDCCIIX D XI IVL” (The slaughter of many thousands of French at Oudenarde, 11 July, 1708). A similar example sold for 4200 CHF before fees at a Nomos 2016 auction

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